What A Life!
by Joe Palace
What a life, we enter it in pain
thru a bearer of life we live.
We grow with joys and we endure
what we can, seeking knowledge,
or just being what we know.
The forms do mature to the limits
of their existence and we dream of what more.
In the end we ask, what is pain for?
What a life.
In darkness we are the light given to a form.
Our first breath we cry in pain.
This new world where we gain our experience.
We have these memories of where we have been, we want to know more but know not where to turn.
At this moment we are mortals with fragile shells that experience many things. We love each and we hurt each to understand more, we have many emotions,
what is this all for?
We come to a moment when it is time to go.
We see our life and remember what we lived for, the touch of a loved one, a drop of blood, the
sight of nature,
and the sense of all things.
What a life.
In darkness we are the light given to a form.
Our first breath we cry in pain.
But wait, we've been here before. Do I need to do this again? What have I missed? I remember these things and visions of more.
Is my awareness expanding?
Does life mean more?
I thought I was home, but who am I this time?
Will there be more love?
Will there be more to endure?
I want to go home, do I need to experience more love, do I need to endure more pain?
I liked it where I was and this body breaks and
has its limits, but how do I know these things?
Are these experiences my existence?
Do I now know more of who I am?
What a life.
I see the next darkness where the next form waits to be occupied.
Many wait as one to return to this reality. Many wait for the return.
It's a place we experience the physical touch of a love one.
It's a place where we experience pain of those not yet able to be.
It's our sacrifice to bring them home,
It's one of many lives we create for thee.
The more we understand the more we want to see.
What a life.
We are what we conceive as gods/goddesses, we are greater than what we know.
We create with each breath we make; we bring
life to all that we believe,
we bring death to what we bestow.
We bring new existence we not yet know; yet there is pain in how we flow.
Pain is what we have not recognized; it's a transition of what is, to what will be.
Its a gate way to strengthen who we are, a pathway of changing forces.
A change of our essence from all to one, one to all we become.
Passing thru non-times where we are to be.
The pain of birth and the pain of exiting is revelating to what we are.
To know it, is to fear pain no more, to be free, to be thee in all life we know and see.
The questions we ask in words
are places to be.
The answers are countless dimensions where we exist as one, with more to see,
more to create, and more to be.
What a life.

Joe Palace © copyright 2005